Why should your business use “the cloud”? Well, why do you work in an office?

Here at Netblaze, we’ve helped many businesses move to the cloud in one way or another. Sometimes we see they’re doing something that could be accomplished much better (and cheaper) in the cloud; sometimes a client already knows the cloud service they want and ask us to help set it up; sometimes they come to us with a problem and ask if this cloud thingamajig might solve it.

Sometimes when talking with clients, I can hear some hesitation on the other side when the word “cloud” comes up, and I can almost hear in that hesitation: Um, I know “the cloud” is apparently the hottest thing since sliced bread, but what the heck is it really? I’m not going to ask

That’s a totally understandable reaction, because even among techies, the concept of “the cloud” is as shapeless and foggy as, well, a cloud.


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