SMiShing Is the New Phishing!

BEWARE of SMiShing!

Fraudsters are moving beyond your email and into your text messages! This new form of phishing aka “SMiShing” named after “Short Message Service”, is a new tactic scammers are using to obtain your personal information that could enable them access to your bank account or other online profiles. With smishing, malware such as keystroke logging can be installed on your smartphone or tablet just as it can be in phishing. With people increasingly using their mobile devices for work related duties, malware on your compromised mobile device can be used to gain access to passwords and corporate data as well as to plant malware on company servers.


One particular smishing scam Netblaze is currently seeing involves someone contacting you via text or by phone claiming to be from AT&T.  The following scenario may (or may not!) have happened to an offspring of one of Netblaze’s founders recently.  It may also have resulted in a Netblaze founder spending the good part of a precious Saturday on the phone with AT&T in an attempt to reverse the fraudster’s inflicted damage.

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