Backup & Disaster Recovery

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!


Is your IT infrastructure and data sound in the event of a disaster?  Backing up your data is not enough!  A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a crucial step in ensuring business continuity in the event of an unwanted natural or man-made disaster.  From customer files, to years of your company’s most valued work insights and results, your company’s data is hands down one of the most vital and valued assets of your business.  Data loss can negatively impact employee productivity and revenues as well as damage your company’s brand and reputation.


Netblaze can help you plan, prevent and protect your business from lost data, company downtime, theft, and equipment failures through an extensive and reliable back up system and recovery plan making sure your data and applications are not only backed up properly, but also accessible and restorable in a timely manner in the event of a loss.  Our disaster recovery plans include comprehensive documentation of best practices that are to be implemented before, during and after a disaster.  When disaster strikes, Netblaze will get you up and running again with as little company downtime and disruption to business operations as possible.  Our tailor-made plans for your business can help you implement a plan that is safe, sound, cost effective, fast, efficient and capable to evolve and grow as your company and IT solutions change with time.


Don’t put your business at risk by allowing your data to be vulnerable to hackers, viruses, theft, equipment and storage device failures, human error, power failures, floods, tornados, earthquakes, fire or lightning strikes.  Plan for the unforeseeable and contact Netblaze today to create your custom disaster recovery plan to best protect your data and your business.  Your business could depend on it.