Configure Document Alerts in OneDrive for Business


OneDrive for Business by default only sends out email notifications when a folder or file is shared. If recipients upload a document for you (or modify – if permitted – a document you posted), how will you know? Does OneDrive for Business support file update notifications like file sharing services?


The answer is “yes”. The functionality however has been hidden away for some reason. The reasons are unclear, but likely have to do with Microsoft trying to combine functionality of OneDrive for Business with SharePoint and making it difficult for us in the process. But never fear – here’s how to set this up:



  • Log in to OneDrive for Business
  • On the bottom of left navigation pane select “Return to classic OneDrive”


  • Next, click on the “Setting” cog at top right and enable “Ribbon”

  • Select “Files” in the ribbon and then “Alert Me” button¬†


  • Create an alert using options for delivery method (email or SMS), types of changes to alert on and when to alert.¬†