Why Outsource Your IT?

Save Money/Lower Costs

The main reason most companies consider making the jump to a third party IT company is because of lower costs.  In 2014, IT managers in California earned a median salary of $127,640/year with a non-manager, mid-level IT person earning an approximate average of $70,000/year.  Add on benefits such as healthcare, 401k, vacation and sick time, payroll taxes, recruitment costs, office space requirements and on-going training costs to keep your in-house team up to date, and an in-house specialist soon becomes an extravagant expense overreaching its value added.  When you outsource your IT, you are not only getting expertise and a full team of resources but you are also only paying for the help and support that you need.  Opting for a fixed monthly payment plan also allows you to easily predict your IT costs and stay within budget.  No more guessing and no more surprises.

Better Technologies and More Specialized Talent and Expertise

Because of on-going education and training, we have the latest and greatest resources available to help you.   We have better tools and resources available to ensure your network is secure.  Unless you have an IT budget big enough to hire a panel of experts, securing the talent and expertise that your company needs and deserves would cost too much to maintain in-house.  With a large client base of network problems and solutions to draw from, we have full exposure to a wide range of issues and technologies.  This knowledge, along with our up to date best practices, help us resolve problems quickly and get you back up and running with minimal downtime so your business can operate at its fullest potential.

Priority and Direct Access to Vendor Support

No more waiting on hold!  We have access to vendor support resources far beyond anything available to small or mid-sized in-house IT departments.

Constant Monitoring and Peace of Mind

When you outsource your IT you don’t have to worry about your in-house IT person being out sick, on vacation, too busy dealing with another crisis or just “unavailable” when a crisis happens.  We have a full team of experts here waiting to help and we also have round the clock support contracts available depending on your business needs.  You can rest assured that your networks are constantly being monitored, are always secure and running at their best capacity.

Re-focus Your Priorities

Get back to what you do best which is focusing on your business.  With outsourcing your IT you can save time and worry and free yourself up to focus on revenue generating activities and on improving productivity.  Let us, the IT experts, manage your IT and do what we do best.

Share the Risk/Network Security

With a large client base and knowledge to draw upon, we know the best practices to keep your network secure and safe.

Complement Your In-House Expertise

Our team of experts with specialized talents make your in-house IT team look good!  We help them maintain systems with minimal downtime, set long-term strategy, resolve problems and ensure your network is secure.  Our support can free up your in-house team to maintain their focus more efficiently and effectively where it matters most.