Client Testimonials

We appreciate all of our clients but we especially favor the testimonials offering us beer and sushi! 🙂


 “I want to personally thank you for your help. I appreciate the way you quickly assessed the situation, gave some recommendation, and said let’s go. It is that type of approach to problems that will keep us as your customer. I owe you beers.”

Bill Eisley, Laborers Trust Funds for Northern California


“Damn, you did a good job with our Citrix! So far, I have received no complaints and only one request for a modification. Given that we are dealing with attorneys, that’s got to be some kind of record.”

David Leeming, Shartsis Friese LLP


“My expectations have definitely been exceeded – if I wasn’t sitting at my desk I would be dancing with delight! I’m very happy with how this is all working so thank you again!”

Vikki Cantwell, Pressure Cast Products Corporation


“Thanks again for fixing the phone, and my computer isn’t trying to reinvent itself every half hour today.  If you ever wonder whether we appreciate you, we DEFINITELY do.”

Scott H.Z.  Sumner Law


“You should know that I received many positive comments about your work with us. Newly implemented systems and hardware can be a nightmare, but you guys have made it almost seamless. Thanks for your efforts.”

Scott Fraistat, Seasonal Visions International Ltd


“Thank you all very much for your hard work and quick attention last night and today.  I always appreciate your prompt responses and seemingly endless solutions. I feel fortunate to have such a stellar team of IT professionals supporting us with things we don’t understand.  J  Enjoy the weekend!”

Yvonne Peen, Sleepy Hollow Investment Co.


“Thank you for all your efforts on Jeff’s computer, and our overall system.  You guys are great, and an asset to our business (and fun to be around ta boot).

We think highly of you and would provide a great reference if you ever need any.

We’ll pop the check in the mail.”

Donald Moeller, P.E., The Fire Consultants


“I want to thank you guys for your extraordinary efforts to day to resolve our problems. I know it was frustrating to you and us both but the end result was All Good! You guys are truly amazing – and you work for sushi. Unbelievable!

We really appreciate what you guys do for us. It’s nice to know that the Netboys have our back.

Let’s get together to resolve our hardware issues soon.

I’ll bring the sushi.”

Lester Zeidman, The Good Life Grocery


“I want to thank you all for the successful upgrade to our proprietary and our Microsoft software.  The system downtime on the weekend was not noticeable.  As with all upgrades, there are always little (and sometimes big) issues – it appears that all of the issues were little and all have been resolved as of the end of the day yesterday.  At this point, I am not aware of any other issues.

Going forward, we will keep you apprised of any other issues that come up and are confident that you will work with our insurance software service provider to resolve them quickly and efficiently.  However, I would hope that the issues now are more related to the learning curve associated with the new software.

I believe this successful upgrade had a lot to do with your excellent system design for our company.

Your concern for our Company’s operations was noted and appreciated.”

Christopher P. Mertes, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President , MMRG