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Build applications and run services with S3 Compatible APIs, SDKs, and CLI, with connected Compute and CDN.

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Safeguard data with reliable backup and archive for servers, VMs, NAS, M365, K8s, and more.

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Active Media Archive

Advance and share content within your existing workflows and preferred media management tools.

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All at a fraction the cost of Amazon S3 and others—so you can store, download, and distribute everything that matters.

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Deploy cloud storage to best fit your business needs.

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Consumption-based pricing for infinitely scalable, on-demand cloud storage.
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Annual Capacity Bundles
Capacity-based bundles for all-inclusive cloud storage services.
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$6/TB/Month. No Hidden Fees.
No Delete Penalties.

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up to 3x monthly storage
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Interested in Capacity-Based Storage?

Our B2 Reserve annual capacity bundles offer all-inclusive pricing to 100% budget predictability.

Why Innovative Companies Build on the Backblaze B2 Platform

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Get started and connect go-to software / hardware in minutes, scale up & down as needed.

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Readily Accessible

Make use of your data whenever, fast, with a 99.9% uptime SLA—no cold delays or speed premiums.

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Safe & Secure

Rest easy on storage designed to offer 11 nines durability and data protection to your standards.

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Cost Effective

Stretch your budget with affordable, predictable pricing, free of hidden fees and delete penalties.

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Hundreds of Pre-built Integrations and Alliance Partners

Enterprise-grade With Limitless Possibilities


Durable & Reliable

Grow on durable by design storage, with predictability regardless of data set size or frequency of uploads and downloads.

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Optimize for data mobility, performance, and cost, while avoiding vendor lock-in by supplementing your stack with Backblaze B2.

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Store where you want—U.S. and EU data centers, with optional cloud replication, for redundancy, availability zone, and location needs.

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Compliance Compatible

Check boxes for your SLAs: supports data retention & deletion policies, HIPAA programs, and SSAE-18/SOC 2 data centers.

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What is hybrid cloud storage?

A hybrid cloud combines both public clouds and private clouds with orchestration between them to manage the movement of data. A hybrid cloud approach is flexible and highly cost-effective. For more insight on how hybrid cloud infrastructure works, see our blog post: “What Is Hybrid Cloud?

My organization maintains a lot of sensitive data. What safeguards does Backblaze offer to give us confidence in the security of its storage cloud?

The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a range of security-related services to safeguard account access and the data within accounts. Backblaze, and our data centers, have received SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Key features and factors to keep your data secure include multi-factor authentication, Application Keys, access management controls, server-side encryption (SSE), and Object Lock. Data is stored to infrastructure designed for 11 nines durability and Backblaze data centers are equipped with best-in-class security features and staffed 24/7/365.

My company’s users are constantly downloading files from the cloud. How do you charge for downloads?

Accessing your data shouldn’t come with barriers. That’s why Backblaze offers free monthly egress up 3x the data stored, with any additional egress priced at $0.01 per GB. Unlimited free egress is also available via many integrated CDN and compute partners, including Fastly and Vultr. And a related note: Backblaze does not have a policy that can slow or stop you due to your download activity.

My organization has a large amount of files that we need to access quickly and easily. How does Backblaze meet this need?

Backblaze offers specialized cloud storage that makes it astonishingly easy for businesses to store, use, and protect their data. The B2 Cloud Storage platform offers always-hot, S3 compatible object storage that’s readily available through APIs, ISVs, CLI, and web UI. With a tech stack agnostic approach that integrates with companies' existing workflows and preferred compute and CDN tools, the platform fits multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and other IaaS strategies.

Many cloud providers have complicated storage pricing structures. How does Backblaze storage pricing work?

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage pricing is made simple on purpose. You can expect always-hot cloud object storage free from complicated tiers, rate variances by region, and minimum file size and minimum storage duration requirements. B2 Reserve bundle customers enjoy services billed annually for one low price based on the capacity of their choosing. B2 Cloud Storage pay-as-you-go customers enjoy flexible, scalable storage at $6/TB/month. All customers enjoy free monthly egress up to 3X the data stored, with any additional egress priced at $0.01 per GB. Unlimited free egress is also available when downloading to many of our CDN and compute partners.

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