Goodbye Problems. Hello Solutions.

Data is the world's most precious digital resource. These specialized solutions help you store, safeguard, use, and distribute precious data for a range of use cases and industries.

Man sitting in front of two computers looking at code with a backblaze cloud on top of them.
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Active Media Archive

Integrate cloud storage seamlessly with your media workflows.

Streamline Storage
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Application Storage

Scale and accelerate development with S3 compatible cloud storage.

Start Building
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NAS Backup

Protect backups in off-site storage integrated with popular NAS devices.

Back Up NAS

Single Server Backup

Safeguard servers in the cloud with your preferred backup integration.

Protect Servers
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Systems Backup & Archive

Simplify systems backup and retain long-term archives.

Safeguard Systems

Veeam Backup

Secure Veeam data from disaster and ensure business continuity.

Store Veeam Data
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Kubernetes Backup

Secure K8s containers and defend against data disasters and misconfigurations.

Protect K8s Containers
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Integrated CDN

Reduce bandwidth costs and egress fees with integrated CDN solutions.

Free Egress
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Ransomware & DR Readiness

Increase ransomware protection with immutable backups and instant recovery.

Prepare for DR
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Mac & PC Backup

Back up one Mac or PC or one thousand workstations to the cloud.

Back Up Computers
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Keep University and K-12 data secure & accessible with set-and-forget storage.

Protect Students & Staff
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Protect State & Local data with off-site, immutable backups and archives.

Back Up .gov Data
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Health & Science

Advance research and ease budgets, with performant, affordable cloud storage.

Unlock Scientific Data
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Serve gamers globally, and easily manage gaming resources.

Uplevel Gaming
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Creative & Post

Accelerate asset delivery, boost collaboration and simplify production.

Foster Creative Workflows
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House of Worship

Capture, protect, and store content to serve your modern ministry.

Empower Media Teams
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 E-Commerce / SaaS

Scale web and mobile applications on S3 compatible object storage.

Build & Scale Apps


Record, safeguard, and keep video footage.

Enable Surveillance Teams