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View and share any files on the go for iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

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View and share any files on the go.

On iPhone & iPad as well as Android devices. Backblaze makes it easy to access all your backed up files or files on B2 Cloud Storage.

Plays well with others

You can share a photo on Facebook. Preview a Word Doc. Listen to a song. Backblaze ties into the power of your iPhone & iPad or Android device to open almost any downloaded file with the app of your choice. You are in control.

Find, Download, Share

Your files are organized just as they are on your computer. Download any of them (up to 5GB in size). You'll be able to see and/or hear all the file types your device knows how to present. Want to learn more? Backblaze Mobile FAQ


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Backblaze is a great way to backup all your files to the cloud. It's automatic. It's easy. And your computer will thank you.