What Backblaze Backs Up

Backblaze automatically finds your photos, music, documents, and data and backs it up. So you never have to worry.

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Backblaze Backs Up All of Your Data

Unlimited Data

There are no limits to how much data you can backup with Backblaze.

Unlimited File Sizes

Backblaze will backup any size of file. You can limit this in the settings panel.

Unlimited Drives

Plug in any external hard drive by USB, Firewire, or Thunderbolt and Backblaze will back it up. Sweet!

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You Decide How Long

You have more important things to do than spend time picking files and folders to backup. That’s why Backblaze backs up your data automatically, and constantly looks for new and changed files to backup. Install Backblaze and never worry about losing a file again.


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Version Pricing History

Every Backblaze Computer Backup account comes with 30 days of Version History with the option to enable One Year Extended Version History for free. If you need more than one year worth of data history protection, you can upgrade to Forever for even more peace of mind.

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30 days

Included with Backblaze

You can restore older versions or deleted files for 30 days.

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1 year

Enable for free

You can restore older versions or deleted files for one year.

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$0.006/GB per month for files older than one year

Restore old versions or deleted files forever.

What We Don't Backup

Backblaze does not want to waste your bandwidth or Backblaze data center disk space. Thus, we do not backup your operating system, application folder, or temporary internet files that are transient and would not be useful in the future. Backblaze also excludes podcasts in iTunes.

Certain Filetypes

You can see these exclusions by clicking on “Settings…” in the Backblaze Control Panel and selecting the Exclusions tab. These exclusions can be removed! Some of these excluded files are:

  • ISO (Disk Images)
  • DMG (Mac Disk Image)
  • VMC VHD VMSN (Virtual Drives)
  • SYS (System Configuration & Drivers)
  • EXE (Application Files)

Other Backup Programs

Backblaze also doesn't backup backups like Time Machine and Retrospect RDB.

Deleted Files

Backblaze will keep versions of a file that changes for up to 30 days. However, Backblaze is not designed as an additional storage system when you run out of space. Backblaze mirrors your drive. If you delete your data, it will be deleted from Backblaze after 30 days.

Disconnected External Hard Drives

Your external hard drives need to be connected to your computer and scanned by Backblaze at least once every 30 days in order to keep them backed up.

What Gets Backed Up (Remote Backup Everything)

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We make backing up and accessing your data astonishingly easy.